Welcome To The Library

Inside the self-hypnosis library, you'll find over 10 audio downloads to support your transformation from a higher level of identity.

When you change from the level of 'Who am I", change becomes effortless and shifting your patterns becomes fun.

These audios have been curated to give you a variety of options to shift your patterns with ease.

The library does get added to from time to time and as it does, you will automatically receive all the updated audios in your library.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Hypnosis Meditations
    • Welcome!
  • 2
    Virtual Bypass
    • Virtual bypass - no music
    • Virtual Bypass with music
  • 3
    Eat Healthy Food
    • Eat Heathy Food with Music
    • Eat Healthy Food No music
  • 4
    Self Confidence
    • Self Confidence
    • Self Confidence with music
  • 5
    Subliminal Ocean Audios
    • Unlimited Wealth & Abundance Subliminal Audio
    • Healthy Eating & Releasing weight subliminal audio
  • 6
    Healing The Past
    • Healing The Past
  • 7
    Pain Management
    • Pain Management Hypnosis
  • 8
    Meeting your spirit guides
    • Meeting Your Spirit Guides: no music
  • 9
    Increase Your Memory
    • Increased memory hypnosis
  • 10
    Manifesting Abundance
    • Manifesting abundance
  • 11
    Eliminating Fears, Panic & Anxiety
    • Eliminating Fears, Panic & Anxiety
  • 12
    Bonus: Transforming Beliefs
    • Transforming Beliefs


  • Betsy Pake

    Betsy Pake

    Betsy is a board-certified hypnotherapist, Certified Master NLP Coach, and speaker who hosts the popular podcast The Art of Living Big. She's the author of the best-selling book, Become A Nutrition Ninja and Start Small Live Big.   Experience and Expertise: Infinite Possibilities Certified Coach NLP Certified CoachPrecision Nutrition L1 Certified Nutrition CoachCrossFit L1, Olympic Lifting & CrossFit Kids CertifiedUSAW Georgia Games Gold Medal, 69k lifter August 2014USAWPan American Masters Bronze Medal, 58k lifter - June 2015Previous CrossFit box owner: South Hall CrossFit, Flowery Branch GAI am not a licensed dietician and cannot address any health concerns. This should not be taken as a replacement for any medical advice and is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any medical condition. Please contact your doctor before starting any fitness program.